This past year, the Lord has blessed our work and given us a vision for far greater service in the years to come. Here’s what we are seeing: Christians are starving for the truth. By God’s grace and with your support, Ligonier Ministries is creating and spreading more trustworthy resources than ever before. Every day we hear testimonies of changed hearts, transformed lives, and requests for more teaching. Here are some highlights:

Serving Africa


The African church is growing, but false teaching is wreaking havoc among God’s people. Trustworthy theological resources are almost non-existent, and many pastors and students lack even a Bible. That is why we partnered with the Rosemary Jensen Bible Foundation to send thousands of Reformation Study Bibles to pastors, church leaders, and seminary students throughout 10 African countries. One Reformation Study Bible in the hands of one pastor reaches an entire congregation of hundreds, if not thousands of Christians.


Reaching 400-Million


We created a dedicated Spanish Outreach department this year and are preparing to launch a Spanish edition of Renewing Your Mind for the 400 million native Spanish-speakers throughout the world. Every day, Dr. R.C. Sproul’s teaching provides clarity and insight to English-speaking Christians around the world, and this new Spanish edition will extend that ministry even further in 2018.

Your support is reaching more people, in more languages, than ever before.
— R.C. Sproul
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Answering Questions


For almost fifty years, Christians have been looking to Dr. Sproul and Ligonier to answer their theological questions. This year, we’ve built the foundation for a new online service to provide trustworthy answers from Ligonier. Well-trained and strategically placed team members across various continents and timezones will offer answers to your theological questions. When you have a question, just ask Ligonier.


Connecting Online


Every year, subscribers enjoy 12 new issues of Tabletalk magazine filled with insightful articles and daily Bible studies. This year, we made that subscription even more valuable with the launch of a totally new Tabletalk website. Every new issue of Tabletalk is available for subscribers and Ministry Partners there. The site also features new, online-exclusive content from Tabletalk, and a searchable archive of back issues, making this trusted content more accessible wherever you are.

Renewing Your Mind with Dr. R.C. Sproul is reaching more people than ever before. In addition to over 450 stations around the world, daily teaching is available on-demand at our website, on Alexa-enabled devices, and in our popular podcast. Our online reach almost doubled this year—and it continues to grow every week.

Social media continues to provide new opportunities to reach Christians who would otherwise not encounter the teaching of Dr. Sproul and our teaching fellows. Across four different languages and on multiple platforms, we are endeavoring to use every opportunity to reach as many people as possible, and we are seeing tremendous results.


Training Generations


Reformation Bible College continues to train the next generation of Reformers. Construction of a new Student Learning Center is beginning soon and we’ve recently launched a new partnership with several premier seminaries to allow our students to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in less time. The growing campus and world-class training is equipping young men and women to go out into the world as ambassadors for Christ—as modern-day Reformers.

Close to eight thousand people joined us for conferences in the United States in 2017, and we hosted our first event in Continental Europe. We consistently hear from attendees that these events provide welcome spiritual refreshment, and we continue to look for further opportunities to join our students in those places where they are making disciples.


Stewarding Truth


Planning for a strong and stable succession to Dr. Sproul’s leadership at Ligonier is important to Dr. Sproul and our board. We do not want to follow what church history repeatedly shows us: conservative theological denominations and institutions, over time, tend to loosen their doctrinal commitments. To steward the truth and to ensure Ligonier continues teaching the historic Christian faith to as many people as possible, Dr. Sproul first introduced Teaching Fellows in 2010. These men help advise the board and senior leadership, as well as inform and articulate our future outreach. This year, we were pleased to welcome Dr. Burk Parsons as he joined Drs. Sinclair Ferguson, W. Robert Godfrey, Steven Lawson, Albert Mohler, Stephen Nichols, and Derek Thomas in their mandate to help us remain true to our founding purpose. We are grateful for this next generation of gifted teachers.

God’s people are starved for truth. There is so much work still to be done.
— R.C. Sproul

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